Truth and Justice

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Today I am continuing my journey with our Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. On this journey I recently had a vision of time spent with my beloved God. Myself, Father God and Jesus rode on horses together and the Holy Spirit was the wind which accompanied us and helped us along. Fathers horse was a beautiful chestnut Arabic looking horse, Jesus rode up on a white stallion and mine was a pretty palomino.

We all went on a journey which led up three mountains. The first mountain was golden topped – it literally looked as if God has smothered the summit of the mount with liquid gold and there were gentle undulations where some of the gold rested on the peak. This mountain I knew was called ‘Hope’. I had a sense that I had been up this mountain before and therefore we skirted around it in this journey.

God led me to the second mountain which had a silver top to it, similar to the gold. This mountain I knew was called ‘Faith to Reality’. I was led up this mountain and we camped upon the top, dwelling there for a time.

It was soon then time to move on to another mountain. We re-mounted our horses. However, I found it difficult to move onward. Strangely, I turned around and around in the saddle continually once I was in it. This continued for a while until I had resolve and intentionality. I had to use a lot of my strength inside of me to shout a command: STOP! I commanded. And so the movement of turning round and round stopped at my first and only command. I was then able to catch up and follow Father God and Jesus up the mountain.

We stopped at the foot of the third mountain which was called ‘Truth and Justice’. We ascended quickly and came to a camp just outside of the firey summit. This mountain was topped with fire at its peak.

Father, Jesus and I made a fire just underneath the firey peak and camped for a while. During this special time together, I remembered what God had done for me and for you and we took communion together, and there was a oneness between us all. We fellowshipped and even had a camp fire folk-dance together. This time was intimate, joyful and full of true love and a sense of becoming of one mind and heart.

After this it was time to ascend into the flames atop the mountain with God. I felt a sense of great awe and moved slowly – following. I had a sense of the throne of judgment and that it was a ‘Great White Throne’. I heard these words uttered and sensed an awe which vibrated into my whole being.

Father God ascended up to His throne and sat down and Jesus did the same. I was small but felt their love as well as the awe of them. I knew their love and an angel put a crown of fire on my head. I felt that this was linked to Jesus crown of thorns and was awed and worshipped Him for all He has done for us all and fell prostrate before Gods throne/s.

I was given a new robe and was awed at the love of the commissioning into more depth of truth and justice. I know this is for you also and that God wants to release all of this to you my brothers and sisters. There were others before Gods throne and we all worshipped Him singing Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. I felt my body being freed from lies of the enemy, deception and God’s healing Glory came upon my body in the physical, After all this experience and vision I felt a new one-ness with my maker and also my own mind, body and spirit felt more at one in peace and truth. I felt as if King David’s prayer had been answered when he prayed: ‘create in me a clean heart, renew a right spirit within me, restore unto me the joy of my salvation!’. There was a new-ness and a one-ness and a sense of having been judged and found true.

Your Father God loves it when you come before Him in sincerity of heart and thank Him for all He has done, let us receive His love, truth and justice, let us receive the awe of Him.

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