You will find Julia doing something creative most days, whether making glass mosaics, singing with a harp, creating art with others or writing a line on the blog. Julia has a creative degree from Chichester University; she and her husband run a small engineering business, have two young adult ‘children’ and are part of their local church family.

At Tree of Life we provide a place to enjoy new arts activities; craft workshops in a unique creative environment. Jessica Nod and

Mary Benson work with Julia to make your workshop special. We also provide arts packs to create in your own home. Our business is not for profit, we invest back into the project and your community. Explore your creativity in joy, hope and peace. 

Like Him is Julia’s first book which came out in 2020 is endorsed by many readers and writers.

This beautifully crafted book is full of spiritual insight, encouragement, prayers, poems and spiritual experience to help you seek The Kingdom of Heaven. It is a warm and loving book; a devotional of exploration into who you are in God, which will help you grow spiritually. A book which is practical as well as full of revelatory testimony to build up your faith.

Let's discover creative ways to encourage each other and to motivate each other towards acts of compassion...doing beautiful works as expressions of love...(Heb 10)