In proverbs 20 it is written:

‘A righteous ruler sits on his/her throne of right justice…he/she scatters evil away’ … from his domain of influence and authority (translation from holy spirited heart). It is also written in same passage:

‘Lovers of God have been given eyes to see with spiritual discernment and ears to hear what Father God is speaking’

The Holy Spirit was showing me through these verses that we are seated on thrones in heaven in the Spiritual realm and that one of the groups of angelic beings which are able to help you on earth are called ‘thrones’ (‘thrones, principalities and powers’). These are committed to Father God and to us to bring out the scattering of evil in the earth realm and also bring about justice and righteousness.

These beings dwell in the throne room of God and cry out ‘holy, holy, holy’ is the lamb! You can rest on the ‘thrones’ with Father God and worship Him in a like manner. This releases His kingdom of love, peace and joy to rule and reign on earth. We can rest in this place, in our Spirit, mind and bodies and we are able to powerfully impact for good all those around us. As you rest In Jesus/Father and Holy Spirits’ presence on your throne/s which He has given, you can declare righteousness and justice. The Fathers will is done. When we hear and speak His will out on earth it moves the thrones in heaven to release justice, peace and joy – basically it releases The powerful Kingdom and will of Father God on the earth as it is in heaven. One of the key words in these verses in proverbs is ‘discernment’. By the beautiful Spirit of God you can receive continually Fathers discernment and wisdom from above on how to righteously ‘judge’. We can ‘judge’ from this place of holy higher discernment, a place not made by us but given freely by Him (and he is the one who gives us access). He has amazingly put His trust in us as His beloved ones! How wonderful and kind and trusting is our God and King! He is a truly giving and trusting Father who allows us to rule and reign with Him. Let us ask for access to hear, see and understand what He wants to give us. He of course is the ultimate Judge who will complete His final judgement one day. Do you think he is allowing you to also be a judge on the earth for good? Let me know what you think about this.

Prayer: Thank you Father God for more of your holy discernment for each of us and for enabling us to be a holy judges to scatter the enemies of righteousness. Thank you for letting us rule and reign in heavenly places and to know fully what this means in our everyday lives.

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