The Shepherd King - Matt 25

The Shepherd King When Jesus comes robed in His Glory Tens of thousands angels shining, He shall sit on His throne of Glory, Nations gathered before ‘The Shepherd King’ Separating like a shepherd, Sheep from goats on right and left The Shepherd King says to His sheep: ‘Blessed are you to have what is yours In My Kingdom come from-evermore! For, I was starved and you gave me food, I did thirst and you gave me drink. I was lonely and you took me in, I had no robe and me you clothed. I was ill and you dressed my wounds; was in jail and you visited me.’ Those in the right did answer Him: ‘When were you starved and we gave you food? When thirsty and gave you drink? When were you lonely and we took you in? Or had no robe and gave you cloth? When were you ill and we dressed your wounds? Or in Jail and visited you?’ So answered The Shepherd King: ‘Truly I say: everything you did for one of the least of these, you did it for Me!’ The Shepherd King says to the goats: ‘You’re the ones who have been cursed – Depart from me to eternal flames, Prepared before for Devil and his host. For I was starving and you did not feed me, I did thirst and did not give a drink. I was lonely and you were not my friend, was in rags and did not clothe. When I was in jail you did not visit Me’. Those on the left answered Him: When did we see you hunger, thirst, be lonely, in rags, sick or in jail? So answered The Shepherd King: Truly I say: anything you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do it for Me!’ Those on the left were sent into eternal flames, Whilst those on the right into eternal life. Better choose life! Matt 25 by Julia St. copyright 2021

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