Light of the world

Over the past few weeks a recurring vision has been appearing of Jesus as The Light of The world. In the vision the background is black and dark and Jesus moving forward toward me. He is walking in flowing white robes which are radiant with light. The light emanating from Him is white bright and fascinating. As He walks, He and His clothes move flowing, walking as a King with authority and flare. His garments cascade with light and He walks forward toward us as Light of this dark world as King and Judge. In His hand he is holding a book.

I have been wondering what the book signifies.  During a meeting and in worship I saw this vision once more and this time Jesus handed me a File.  It looked like a typical student file and on the front it read ‘Julia’s Life’.

I looked inside and read the title on the first page of lined paper: it read ‘Treetops’.  I was then looking into the page and ‘went into’ the actual page (similar to the children in the Narnia books the page transitioned me to a place).  I found myself with Jesus in a tree house at the top of a tree in a big forest. We were very high up and the forest was a jungle type with a vast amount of trees in all directions. We could see over all the treetops when we pushed our heads up and out above the treeline. As we were doing this I saw some smoke a little way away to the right of us. I knew this was produced by a big fire below and that it was a righteous fire, a good fire and nothing to be afraid of, but just like Moses’ burning bush, the fire was not burning the trees.

I turned to see the reaction from Jesus – we did not speak, I simply followed him down, descending from the tall tree to the woods below. I remember feeling that I was quite happy up in the high up tree house and wasn’t that fussed about going down but followed Jesus anyway.  We moved towards where the fire was.  When we became near to the fire on the outskirts of it I saw a Fransiscan Friar of the renewal I had met at a conference I was involved with in London.  He is from Derry in Ireland.  Jesus and I waited for the fire to become bigger and it seemed as though the Friar was also.  The fire came to us and overtook us.  We were engulfed in the Holy flames and I assume so was the Friar.

Jesus with me following then ascended up to another tree house which was inside this fire.  When we got to the top there were lots of people, firey lovers of the Lord, which was in contrast to the earlier house where just myself and Jesus resided. We joined these Firey ones in the Tree-top fire houses of the Lord himself.

Come and be in the Firey tree house of the Lord with us!

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