Jewels of The Word

Breakthrough was a word to use for this day.  Quite a few difficulties were dealt with and clarity came at last.  Isn’t it great when a day is full of solutions!

It was the day I found out that the word ‘Seer’ is in the Ancient scriptures.  I did kind of know it was there but instead of searching on google, I waited to happen upon it and so the process was much more delightful !   Father God is teaching me to wait.  The word is in Micah by the way.

’Seer’ is important to me as that is part of who I am.  Today I also saw something wonderful.

Seers see things.  Today I saw a vision of Jesus on Emmaus Road and he came towards me on it and gave me a small black hammer.  I asked Him what to do ? He pointed to the left where there was a blacksmith hammering something.  I went over and took over hammering and as I did the little hammer became big.

I continued to hammer a sword which was covered in black hard metal looking substance.  I had to bash and bash and I asked Jesus to help me.  As I crashed down the hammer the black metallic substance came off of the sword little by little.  Underneath the sword was gleaming and was encrusted on the handle with jewels.  On the very top was a big red ruby.  I knew somehow the sword represented a language,  The Word of God.  Jesus showed me that we would be able to present His word in a new way by a new language.  the jewels uncovered represented mysteries from His word which had been uncovered in the past but were being uncovered.  We are the ones chosen to uncover these jewels of His word.  The sword of the Lord is given to His bride and is carried on our belts of truth given to us when we are saved by His grace.  We are being enabled to speak out mysteries of His word and speak out His word in a fresh new way so many will be saved, healed and delivered to know His truth. Each jewel represents Words from God. For example on a basic level the ruby is wisdom of which is given to all who search after. This wisdom is from above. The mysteries are unlocked when we use the gifts Jesus gives to us (small hammer) and we need to use these and as we do the gift will grow and be effective for others as well as for ourselves. The new language I believe is of simplicity and beauty.

The blacksmith features in the scriptures usually near verses where the potter and clay are spoken of.  Father is fashioning us through Jesus and the gifts He gives and through His Word.

‘Luke 24: and they said to one another did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?’

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