Invitation to love and be loved

Today is a day of rest, lets thank God for all His goodness and kindness to us!  Thank you Lord God!

As I was resting I was reminded of a recurring vision in the heavens God was showing me of a huge stadium in the heavens.  There were rows and rows of what looked like stone steps – like an ancient ampe-theatre.  The stadium was in the shape of a huge semi-circle or circle (it was hard to see the whole extent of it in the vision).  Jesus, our Messiah was standing in the middle – he was suspended it seemed (I could not see a platform or a cloud on which he stood) with His arms open similarly to the big statue of Him in Brazil.  He took up my focus – He was the focus of everyone’s vision in that place.  His presence filled every person and our eyes were fixed soley on Him.  We were standing and worshipping – praising Him with our whole beings and He was glad. There were many in the stadium but there were some empty spaces next to me and others.

A voice talked to me saying: ‘there are many empty spaces yet to be filled – please invite others into My presence’.  I was sad that there were empty spaces and felt a longing to invite others and so I approached Jesus to be submitted more to Him in order to come back to earth to show others the knowledge of His glory which is all encompassing Love and Peace and all enabling joy and goodness.

The knowledge of His glory is to know wholeness in His love and peace.  His glory is shown through healing, filling up of joy, gifts of The Father to the Bride of the Bridegroom, miracle power and above all firey first love.

I and others were walking literally on the air in the heavens as we approached Jesus to be filled up and sent out again.  We all knelt and He laid hands upon our heads and we were transformed in our minds and hearts to know the knowledge of His glory. Thank you Jesus for the gift of faith to action this from the heavens to the earth!

This vision is for all of us to receive at this time.  Give all up to Him, Give up to Him, Give all up to Him! Let go! Let go! Let go!  Receive, receive, receive! We go out and invite others to meet Him in the air.

Amen and Amen!

For we are not proclaiming ourselves but Yeshua Messiah Lord, and we are your (everyones) servants by means of Yeshua.  Because God is the One who said, ‘Light will shine out of darkness’ (is 9-1) which shined in our hearts to reveal the knowledge of the glory of God in the presence of Yeshua Messiah.’  2 Cor 4 – 5

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