Close to His Heart

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

On listening to Genesis 2 on audio today I felt a Holy Spirit prompt to write.  As I heard the words of God in Genesis, in the portion where Father God is looking for a helpmate for Adam as he is naming the created creatures in the Garden of Eden, I saw a beautiful picture.  The picture is of Father God and Adam searching for a bride together for Adam.  They do not find a bride amongst the ‘beasts’ but instead Father puts Adamh to sleep and uses a bone from his rib bones (a bone which protects his heart; ‘bone’ in Hebrew means ‘essence’) to ‘build’ or ‘make’ Eve, Adam’s counterpart. In the moving picture, history zoomed forward and I saw Father God searching for a bride with His son, Yeshua.  He was searching amongst all on earth whom he has made.  He was searching for a counterpart for His son. I saw that they were building His bride out of the essence (bone) of himself from the place which protects His own heart of love, compassion, justice and righteousness, peace and joy.  A type of picture of the building of Eve has been replayed in these end of days; the Father has built His Son’s bride from those close to His heart.  The Bride of Yeshua, protects His heart. The Son of God’s counterpart has been built and is arising and being one with Jesus, helping Him, waiting on Him as a betrothed one and looking forward to be fully married when He returns from His absence.

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