Be a deliverer in Jesus name and God will deliver you!

During reading Acts 16 where Paul and Silas go down to a river in Macedonia there is a prophetic girl who follows after them shouting out 'These men are servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming a way of salvation to you'. This continued over many days and Paul got disturbed and commanded the evil spirit out of the girl in Jesus Messiah's name. The girl was made whole. I believe it was not that the prophetic gift was casted out but that it was a controlling spirit of that prophetic gift which was cast out, otherwise all prophecy would be from the enemy!

Paul and Silas were then accused and beaten and whipped and thrown in jail. God had another plan for them and caused a mighty earthquake as they praised and worshipped the Lord! The prison doors were thrown open and all chains broken from all prisoners. They were delivered from jail by God himself, maybe also Jesus healed their wounds? They led the keeper of the prison to the Lord Jesus. They had delivered someone from an evil spirit and thereafter were themselves delivered from jail in a miraculous way! How incredible our God is.

Deliver from evil in Jesus name

Praise and worship the Lord Most High

And He will Deliver you!

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