A tapestry of text

I have been listening and hearing Father God lately and He gave me the nudge to write down and find out meaning of all the names of the tribes of Israel.  I found a beautiful picture when you string the meanings together in chronological order of birth.

Rueben.      Behold a Son

sImeon.       Who hears and is obedient

Levi.              Who is pledged and attached already

Judah.            The one to be praised!

Dan.               He who judges

Naphtali        My struggle

Gad                 He brings fortune

Asher             Blessed is he

Joseph           YHVH will be increased

Manasseh    Causing me to forget all hardship

Ephraim      (and] be doubly fruitful

benjamin    He is the son of His right hand

Do you recognise anyone in the meanings of the names when linked together? It’s fun to find out meanings of names.

If you have been reading these blogs you will know that There is also a pattern in the New Testament meanings of the books of the bible; the meaning of the names describes a bride of the bridegroom.  I wonder what other patterns there are in this amazing tapestry of text.

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