Instructions - how to make a mosaic

Instructions - how to make a mosaic


How to make your mosaic:

Think about the pattern you wish to make with the tiles and colours you have in your pack. Make a rough sketch on the wood-shape accordingly with a pencil if appropriate. You can also place tiles in a pattern before securing and move them around before applying glue. You can use the photo included in kit to help you with the pattern if you wish. Be careful when handling cut mirror tiles or cut tiles as they may have sharp edges.  Children are best to use uncut tile kits or with supervision when using cut tiles.  Tree of Life are not liable for any injuries.

Spread the glue to a section of the wood-shape where you want to secure the tile.

Try to make the space between each tile even.

Glue will take around 20 minutes to harden and will be fully set in 24 hours. If a tile comes off, simply stick back on once more with a little more glue.  Some packs have grout, you may want to put a thin film of grout over the back of the woodshape to match, or paint the back.

For shapes with grout:

Coverage: this varies dependant on the size of tiles and gaps.  With tiles that are 20mm x