Walking on water with Jesus

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I had a deep encouraging vision where I was walking in heaven with Jesus on a surface which was very light blue in colour. There were gently undulating waves. These waves were minimal and uniform, not at all like the more random waves of earth which are whipped up by the wind. Jesus and I were holding hands and as I watched a song sprang up from my heart something like this, though not exactly the same:

‘Let us walk hand in hand step across this heavenly land I will guide you step by step you can walk on water’

After a while, I found myself on earth in the biblical scene in which Jesus walks on the water in a storm. I could see the disciples boat and not far from where Jesus and Peter were walking on water. I watched Peter move towards our Lord and then the scene paused as if on a video screen. It was like a snapshot vision which I saw after this and although I kept watching and hoped for the vision to carry on moving forward, it was fixed with Peter walking successfully on water with hands reaching out to Jesus on the moving waves. The waves were rough and quite steep, especially compared to the previous heavenly gentle undulation. I watched and watched and rested in the vision and asked Jesus if there was anything I needed to learn from the vision as it seemed fixed in this place. I waited patiently and He showed me that it was ironical that Peter, whose name means ‘rock’ was the disciple to walk on water with him as Peter’s name denoted that he was the one most likely to sink! He said that ‘if Peter can walk on water so can you!’

I had a sense that the ‘walking on water’ was primarily indicative of aspects in our lives which are seemingly impossible and where at times all around are stormy difficulties. He was showing me that we can overcome by walking over the difficulty with Jesus, rather than sinking and that we can be supernaturally balanced by faith in Him. Jesus emphasised the stormy waves to me: that he walked on waves which were rocking up and down. Not only did Jesus defeat the laws of physics he also has tremendous balancing skills! He reminded me that when he walked on water he had not yet died or risen and that due to my relationship with; and when I hold on to Him, I am able to walk on the water from a more elevated and gentle place than He and Peter even experienced (greater works). This is just like the first part of the vision I had.

This is true for you also as you walk with Him. Let us ask Jesus, our messiah, for supernatural balance in our lives and ability to overcome as the world rocks around us. We can only do this holding onto and gazing into the eyes of our beloved Jesus. Then we wont sink down into them like a rock. Let us walk with Him on the undulating peaceful waves in the heavenlies.

Everything is possible as you welcome Him into every part of your life.

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