Treasure in the sand

Last night I had a dream of being in a garden.  I was travelling and there was a base nearby.  I had a rucksack on my back and was dressed in Eastern dress with a type of turban on my head.

I saw someone in the dust digging with their hands and finding small gems in the orange sand/soil of the pathway.

So I began digging with my hands also.  I kept my bag on my back an felt excited but wary of others on the path in case they might steal anything I found.

I found small gems primarily as I dug down and then bigger ones: amethyst, ruby and crystolyte. The see-through crystal/diamond looking one was the biggest and was long and slim but did not have a triangular pyramid atop but was more rounded like a pillar shape – a shape from heaven and not earth.

I stuffed the gems in my bag as I went along. I also gave some to the man opposite me who was digging as I felt he did not have enough yet and there was enough for both of us.

I wondered to myself if I should go back at night-time and dig out the rest of the jewels as it was daytime in my dream and people were coming and going.  (the final sentence may have been a more conscious thought as I was in latter stages of waking during this time)!

I was reminded by a prophet about the gems on the breastplate of the High Priest in the Levitical order which YHVH commanded to be made and worn when the priest went before Him.  I had studied these around 14 years ago due to having a vision of such in my heart (cubed colours of light and wondering what they were I found something in the bible to make sense of them).

The gems are different sorts of stones and minerals which were inscribed with the 12 tribes of Israel.  There were also two other gems (some believe them to be parchment but best Jewish sources indicate stones also) called Urim and Thummin. We are not 100 percent about this but good sources indicate that Urim = Light and Thummin = a decision indicator.  On researching these I also found other people indicating a thinking about Spirit and Truth and Lightnings and Thunderings.  Whatever this mysterious stones were, it seems the priest consulted our Lord God concerning matters of importance to understand the will of God on a matter (for instance if the nation were to go to war or not).  The Urim and Thummin indicated through means of light a yes or no answer at least.  These things were mysterious and only the priest saw them in action, hence the mystery surrounding them.

I have a sense that the jewels I was digging up were treasures of the word of God which would fit concerning the use of jewels in the Torah/Bibles.  Our father likes using stones to inscribe His Word!  I have been reading Hebrews and Romans lately again and seeking Father for His kingdom and righteousness in prayer.  Perhaps this vision is an indication of His answer: His word and spirit are to be found seeking Him in the garden of His delight (Eden).

One does not usually dig with hands.  Perhaps this is a pointer of how to find these treasure – use that which you have, be childlike.  These things are available to all as no tools are needed, simply dig down. The treasure was not deep but relatively shallow and so God wants us to find them.  The treasure was easy to find due to the sandy soil, like when you dig a sandcastle as a child.

I have found each gem means something, for instance on the breastplate of the High Priest in the bible, they meant: Judah (this name was engraved on sardonyx/ruby red) means ‘Praise!’,  Benjamin (amethyst) means ‘son of my right hand’ and Dan (Crystolite) means ‘judging’. These were a few of the gems I dug up in my dream. There could be a message in this for instance – son/daughter of my right hand,  praise me, be a judge on the earth for me. I am not saying this is the message as I haven’t heard this from holy spirit but need to press in more to hear presently.

Prayer: We thank you Lord God for all your treasures, especially those we find in your word. We receive them all.  We thank you for showing us your clarity, your truth and filling us with  your spirit. Thank you Lord for clarity concerning all the important decisions we make. So be it.

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