The Glory of the Presence of God

The Ark of The Covenant appeared to me during a worship meeting recently. It was difficult to see due to the light of The Glory of The presence of God shining on the Mercy Seat, His Light is phenomenal. Another prophet sent me a message a week after saying that his friend had also seen a similar vision, sharing that: 'The Presence of God is with You'.

The presence of The Lord Most High changes everything. He is The beginning and The end. Alpha and Omega. Father God himself loves to be present to us collectively. Let us be aware of Him and turn aside in our day to honour and thank Him for His Glory which will 'cover the Earth as The water covers The sea'.


We thank you Father God for Your Shekinah Glory which gives us powerful rest, Healing love and Awe inspiring faith. The promises of Your Word that you are our Immanuel, our Refuge and Rortress, our Eeliverer and that 'The Lord Reigns! Let The Earth Rejoice!'. Reign in the whole of us today: our Bodies, our souls as well as our Spirits. We surrender to you in reverent awe Oh God who is All in All.

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