Raised Up! New book being scribed about Resurrection.

Writing about resurrection has been faith building. Easter is a season full of the blossoming of Spring life after the dead of Winter and what better time than this to read and write about such a subject!

Raised Up!

copyright 2022

Julia Stevens

Lazarus and Resurrection

Laid down to sleep,

Mourners weep

Believing in The Way

Resurrection on The final day

And how about right now?

Will our faith allow?

The dead to be raised up.

The word resurrection in Greek ‘anastasis’, means to rise up and has roots in the word ‘to rise up from lying down’. In the written word there is a movement, an active life.

Real life testimony of coming back to life after death give us all hope and faith and so I felt compelled to gather together testimonies of resurrection power which has occurred in recent times.

When talking of Lazarus, in the Bible, Jesus told his disciples: ‘he sleeps’ and that he would go to awaken him. Perhaps when we think of sleeping and awaking when thinking about resurrecting the dead it gives us more faith and puts things into more of a heavenly context. The name Lazarus means ‘God helps, or God is my helper’. This reminds us of the role of The Holy Spirit, who is our great helper on earth.

The Bible gives account of two Lazarus’ who died. The first one is related by Jesus in Luke 16 about a poor beggar called ‘God is my helper’ (Lazarus) who sat outside a rich mans’ house. The point of the story seems to show that the unbelieving rich mans’ ruler and family had no faith in an after-life and therefore even: ‘they will not be persuaded if someone would rise from the dead’ (Luke 16:31 ONMT). In John’s gospel we read the testimony of Lazarus being raised from the dead (John 11). Many Jews of the day believed in Jesus because of this miracle. The rich chief priests of the day behaved just like the rich young ruler in Jesus’ prophetic analogy. Even though the real-life Lazarus was raised from his death bed in such a dramatic way, the priests did not choose to believe. Take into consideration that Lazarus had been dead four days, the pharasaical belief is that after three days the spirit of man ascends to heaven. Perhaps this is why Jesus waited, in order to show once again that it is Father God who makes the heavenly ‘rules’ not mankind.

Happenings of people being raised from the dead occur nowadays, and I wanted to encourage you in your faith. Whether you are searching for ‘The Truth’, or have found ‘The Truth’ which has set you free, but needed more encouragement and boldness in your walk with God, then this book is for you. In each chapter you will find a short inspirational teaching and following on is an incredible true life resurrection testimony.

In my Dad, David Benson’s own words:

‘Some years ago, I went on holiday to Portugal with my wife Mary our youngest daughter Jessica, who was a teenager at the time. One day we went to a restaurant for lunch. It was a lovely sunny day, so we chose a table outside in the shade. We studied the menu, placed our order and settled down with some drinks.

There were many people passing close by and it was interesting just chatting away and watching the crowds of people out walking. This included many families, some holiday makers and locals from Portugal itself.

I noticed a fairly large family which consisted of an older couple and their grown-up family; probably a half a dozen or so people. I saw that the younger ones were looking very worried about the older man, who didn't look well, and they were trying to comfort him.

At that point our food was brought out on a trolley by a waiter and placed on our table.

Suddenly, there was a screaming coming from the family and the older man disappeared from sight as he fell to the ground. I noticed one of the men was worriedly speaking on a mobile phone.

Without a further thought I got up and pushed my way through the crowd and got to the man who was laying on his back completely still. His eyes were open but completely frozen and his face had turned white. To be honest he really looked dead.

I immediately bent down and laid a hand on his forehead, commanding death to leave him and life to return to him, in Jesus' Name, Amen !

The family were in such turmoil that I just pushed my way through and went back to our table and sat down. As I did so an ambulance turned up. Shortly afterwards the man, whom I prayed for, appeared being carried by two men on a stretcher towards the ambulance. He was amazingly sitting up, looking over to me with a smile on his face.

There were two ladies sitting by a table next to us and cried out loud, "What did you do? That man died". We then testified all about Jesus, Hallelujah!

So, there was a double blessing. The first blessing - a man brought back to life and healed. The second blessing – the two ladies who were witnesses to what happened and we were able testify all about our amazing Jesus Christ, Healer and Saviour.

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