Pillars of His presence

As I was resting in the Lords presence, he spoke to me concerning the pillars of His presence. I felt compelled to study the word concerning these pillars.

In the bible, there is a pattern of the Lords presence coming down on Mount Saini in Cloud and Fire, then onto the tabernacle as cloud and pillar of fire at the door of the tabernacle and fiery presence inside. Thereafter, the people of Israel followed a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, they were led continually by the Lords presence in the wilderness (Exodus 13). The Lord God appeared as a pillar of cloud and fire in the tabernacle, the Miskahn or resting place of God’s presence. God came down as the pillar of cloud and firey presence and stood in the doorway of the tent. Joshua whose name is the same name as Yeshua, or Jesus which means salvation in Hebrew, remained in the center of the tent in the presence of the Lord just before he was promoted and chosen as leader of the nation of Israel.

When they had conquered the enemies of the Lord, the Israelites were able to dwell in the land promised by Father God to them. There Solomon, built the temple as described by God through his father David. Thereafter Josiah the king, made a covenant beside the pillars of the temple, dedicating himself and the nation back to Father God (2 Kings 23:3). These pillars were given names: Boaz, ‘Strength of’– Boaz and Jachin, meaning ‘He will establish’ 1Kings 7:21. Perhaps the pillars here represent the establishment of The Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in heaven?

At Pentecost, which is the same date in the calendar that the feast of Shavuot, Holy Spirit came in as a rushing wind and fire, with little ‘pillars’ of fire upon each head. Each person, i.e. you and I, represents a dwelling of God, filled with fiery love and presence of God himself. Shavuot is the feast which celebrates Father God coming down on Mount Saini in cloud and fire. It seems to me that Gods timing is holy and that Pentecost pillars of fiery filling of Holy Spirit are for us all as priests and kings serving our Lord God. Let us ask God today to be His pillars, carriers of His fiery glory love and power.

When the Spirit of the Lord encouraged me to write about Pillars, I wondered how much there was to write about? It turns out that being a pillar is quite an important subject. Having looked up the word according to the best source of meaning I know, the ancient biblical text Hebraic meaning and Strong’s dictionary, I found the deeper meanings in the context of a follower of God are as follows:

To take a stand

To stand, be stationed

To take an upright position

To be fixed, established

To be rooted, placed

Finally, Lord Jesus wants you to know that:

‘For the one who is victorious, I will make you to be a pillar in the sanctuary of my God, permanently secure.’ Revelation 3:12 (The Passion Translation)

Statement of declaration in faith: Thank you Lord that we are the pillars of your kingdom, who carry your presence in us and upon us – the cloud of heavenly refreshment of living water and strong fiery love. Let us burn for you and be a doorway of light to the world. We are your sanctuaries; you Lord God are our Light!

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