He Saves the best till last

I was listening to John’s beautiful good news today.  We got to the part about the wedding in Cana of Galilee.  Holy Spirit showed me through this beautiful writing that the miracle of the water turned into wine is like an allegory for us living nowadays.

We are a part of a culture which is often celebrating and going about life: getting married, going to work, having kids, living life.  At times we have run out of the wine of unity in many ways – unity in the church which is represented as our saviour’s bride.  ‘The Bride’ or the gathering of church peoples sometimes run out of the wine of unity – there maybe gossip, religious discord and differing theologies.  Sometimes we have no more wine of joy or wine to make our faces shine.

During the Cana of Galilee happening, Jesus was called upon by His mother.  Let us humble ourselves and call upon our dear Lord and saviour to supply us with new wine in the places in which we have run out.  He says ‘come by wine and oil without price!’ (isaiha 55) For Jesus has paid the price so that you may drink of His love, of His joy and of His deep peace.

When we ask in faith reading and believing in the waters of His word, it will turn into the wine of unity and Jesus himself will cause this to happen in your heart by the bucket load. We can receive joy, unity and a peaceful glow again…without cost or price but through His everlasting sacrificial grace.  The master of the feast said ‘you have saved the best wine (of unity) for the end!’.  Take heart, wherever you see discord, thank God for the new wine and that it is the better wine. Many believe we are nearing the end of this era on earth and if so it is good news as here is His word which flows, making us new everyday by the new wine of His spirit. Thank you Father God for the new wine from The Words’ waters!

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