Father, Spirit, Son

Today Father, Jésus (or Y’shua, in Hebrew), the son and Holy Spirit were showing me that they wanted me and others to know that they are a picture of unity and wholeness.  They (as good a pro-noun as any) desire for us to be one with them.  We were also designed by them to live together in unity with them and this one-ness and love story of them loving us is the central theme of their inspired ancient texts (see John 17 for instance).  The Messianic prophecy within the Torah all point to Jesus as being Messiah (for example Isaiah 53).  We are His bride collectively and the greek word used in the old testament is Ekklesia.

Holy Spirit took me to a scripture which includes three of the personalities of God:  1 Peter 1 verse 2: 

‘According to Father God‘s foreknowledge of us in holiness by the Spirit in obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Y’shua Messiah

Holy Spirit showed me a little bit concerning the relationship between the three in this small piece of text.  He showed me that Father knows what is to come (foreknowledge) and the Son, via the Spirit knows that foreknowledge (for instance only the Father knows when the Son will return to earth for the second coming) and at present the Father is the only one who knows.  So that the Son doesn’t know everything but seeks and finds and ‘see’s’ that foreknowledge in the Father by the Holy Spirit.

If a person knows what is to come via The Father’s heart, due to their relationship with Him, it enables that person to be obedient to the Father. This is in faith that the Father is holy and righteous altogether.  Jesus was enabled to be obedient to death due to His trusting relationship with His Father in heaven. Knowing the Fathers heart for you enables you to be obedient to Him. Knowing that Father God loves you altogether gives you confidence that what He says is good and right and true and that to be obedient to Him and do what He says will help not only Him, but more-so: you!

The other aspect this little section of text shows is that Father had foreknowledge of us all that we would be made holy BY the Spirit and IN obedience and blood of Jesus.  It is IN obedience and the blood, which sounds more like a place of being.

Every person who is IN obedience and covered IN the blood of Y’shua by The Spirit of God who is holy, therefore has relationship and access to, and with, Father God who knows everything before it happens and is all in all!


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