A prayer for help to speak and show all the good news

Prayer from Colossians 4 for you to pray in these times of sowing and of reaping.

Thank Father God for open doors for yourselves and others to speak the mystery of the good news message of the messiah – for this is what we are called and bound to do.


I pray for open doors to speak the mysteries of the good news message of Messiah Jesus to those in my sphere of influence,  for this Lord, is what you have asked me to do.

I pray that I would show the mystery of you Lord when I speak out to others.  Let me continually  walk with wisdom toward those not yet part of your kingdom, let me make the most of the time I have to be able to do this as I go about life.

Let your good news spill out of my life as I walk with your grace and be seasoned with saltiness, let me know how to give a good answer to the one/s in front of me.


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